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Horiba ABX Pentra 400 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • Item # 171097
  • ABX Pentra 400 is an extremely compact Clinical Chemistry bench top analyzer. Its great autonomy with continuous loading provides enhanced productivity in a user-friendly environment

    • Up to 420 tests per hour with the ISE module
    • 55 on-board assays with back-up availability
    • Innovative cassette format
    • Integrated work station and validation station
    • Touch screen interface
    • Real-time follow-up of your workflow

    Reagent Management:

    • Barcoded cassettes
    • Optimized test packaging
    • Automated reagent inventory
    • back-up Refrigerated zone with up to 44 positions
    • Extensive onboard test menu
    • User defined channels

    Sample Management:

    • Positive Identification
    • Multiple sample checks using crash level and clot detection
    • Continuous loading
    • STAT capabilities
    • Automatic pre
    • post-dilution
    • Automatic Re-run

    Patient Management:

    • Work list generated by a manual
    • Entry or bi-directional connection Automatic validation based on user-defined rules
    • Intelligent delta checking
    • Panic values monitoring
    • Unlimited patient report archiving

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