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Shandon SME Cryotome Cryostat

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  • The Shandon Cryotome SME is a sophisticated, top-of-the-line cryostat that combines automated electronic advance and hands-free sectioning with fully independent specimen temperature control.

    The Cryotome SME was designed ergonomically to enhance operator comfort. With its open top design, temperature gain is minimized during prolonged usage. This Shandon model also has a convenient flat top for extra working space, as well as retractable front wheels for increased stability. Additionally, the Cryotome SME has a key lock to immobilize the control panel for increased security, and a convenient flywheel with a three-position deadlock lever.

    The microtome is precise and accurate yet gives a light balanced feel over the whole range of the advance mechanism, which permits 0 to 30 micron selection in 1-micron steps. Situated outside the cold working environment, the microtome is easy to clean and maintain.

    Other features of the Shandon Cryotome SME Cryostat includes: a knife holder that accepts knives or disposable blade holders, a refrigeration system utilizes efficient fast-cooling technology plus a frost-free cryochamber, rapid defrost, and a maximum cooling temperature down to -35 C (at 20 C ambient).

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