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Beckman Coulter Multisizer 4 Particle Counter

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  • Beckman Coulter Multisizer™ 4

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    The Beckman Multisizer™ 4 is one of the most versatile and accurate particle sizing and particle counter analyzers on the marketing today.

    Beckman Multisizer™ 4 – Electrical Sensing Zone

    The Beckman Multisizer™ 4 uses the coulter principle or electrical sensing zone (ESZ). This method allows the Beckman Multisizer™ 4 to return distributions in number, volume and surface area in a single measurement.

    The overall sizing range of the Beckman Multisizer™ 4 is 0.4 µm to 1600 µm. The response is not affected by particle shape composition, refractive index or color.

    Beckman Multisizer™ 4 – Electrical Sensing Zone

    Coulter principle is the leading technology in high resolution and accuracy. The Beckman Coulter Multisizer™ 4 enhances this even further by using the Digital Pulse Processor or DDP. DDP produces ultra-high resolution, multi channel analysis and accuracy that is otherwise unattainable by similar technologies. These features make the Beckman Multisizer™ 4 ideal for any research project involving sizing and or counting.

    The Multisizer™ 4 is also an equally powerful tool for quality control. Analysts now have an easy to use system that is so advanced, it can solve most particle sizing problems. The Beckman Multisizer™ 4 is the latest coulter counter that is designed with Smart and DDP technologies offering highly reliable and accurate particle counting and sizing.

    The Beckman Coulter Multisizer™ 4 retains the enhanced analog circuits developed and refined by Beckman Coulter over many years. It was the Beckman Coulter Multisizer™ 3, which first introduced DPP to particle counting.

    Beckman Multisizer™ 4 – The Digital Principle Coulter incorporates the latest advances in both analog and digital circuits. High speed digitization of signals enable the use of multiple parameters for more accurate particle characterization. Dynamic size measurement is now a reality in the Beckman Multisizer™ 4. Measurements for each particle are analyzed and stored; the stored data can then be analyzed and formatted in a number of ways. The stored data may also be re-analyzed at a later date. With the Beckman Coulter Multisizer™ 4 there is no need to analyze the same particle twice.

    Proven Technology

    • More than half a century of experience counting and sizing particles and cells
    • More than 6,000 documented references using the Coulter Principle and nine approved ASTM methods
    • Technology defined by the International Standard ISO 13319 Accurate sizing, counting and high resolution technology preferred by the industry for particle counting and size distribution
    • It provides size, based on direct measurement of a real parameter of a particle – its volume. Color or refractive index does not affect results
    • Capable of counting and sizing particles at concentration levels not detected by other technologies
    • Dynamic size measurement. Pulse time stamp allows size change measurement in real time

    Superior Design

    • Ease-of-use. Instrument operation is completely controlled from the computer. Intuitive software with wizards are ideal for beginners, while simple menus assist experienced operators
    • Volumetric metering pump is compatible with both aqueous and organic fluids
    • Extended dynamic range
    • Environmentally friendly, mercury-free metering system
    • Improved performance in dusty environments
    • Sample management system using Smart Technology provides a great level of consistency for running the analyses
    • EZAccess fluid management system
    • Electronic aperture blockage detection
    • Automatic start-up user-selectable routine

    Quality & Ease

    • User-defined Standard Operation Procedure
    • Multiple security levels
    • Software enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
    • Powerful and flexible software allows the processing and presentation of data to fit all needs, including industrial applications, biological applications, academic applications, research and quality control
    • Automated calibration and calibration verification ensures reliable results for both size and counts
    • V-Check validation package offers a comprehensive solution for today’s quality assurance requirements
    • Certification program to ensure instrument performance     

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