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Beckman Coulter Z1 Particle Counter

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  • The Beckman Coulter Z1 Particle Counter is specifically designed to produce quality outputs through simple operation. Accurate results can be viewed within seconds after entering a diameter or volume as the cell size value. Clear messages displayed on the LCD help operators understand set-up procedures and analyses functions. Optimum instrument settings can be automatically computed in just a few steps during calibration. This model is also capable of solving common problems found in other instruments including calibration drifts caused by changes in electrolyte conductivity and temperature.

    The Beckman Z1 Counter uses the electrical sensing zone technique for counting cells or particles in the 1-120 micron size range. This accepted reference method for cell counting provides accuracy, speed, versatility, and utmost precision.

    Standard apertures are available in five sizes. For very small sample volumes, ampoule insertable apertures may be used. A new and unique oil displacement pump incorporates Z1 instruments to deliver a high degree of accuracy and precision. The pump also eliminates the need for mercury utilized in traditional mercury manometers.

    One size threshold can be set with the Single Threshold Unit feature of this model. Fully automated instruments make for rapid enumeration of both tissue culture and blood cells derived from various species. This instrument is excellent for rapid total count of cell lines containing cells with relative uniform sizes.

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