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Beckman Coulter LS6500 Liquid Scintillation Counter

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  • The Beckman Coulter LS 6500 Liquid Scintillation Counter for sale is a high performing system that offers unparalleled flexibility.


    LS6500 liquid scintillation counter,
    Choice of 15 vial racks for either standard or minivials,
    Monitor, printer, and complimentary professional installation.

    The Beckman LS-6500 systems is equipped with a 32,678 channel analyzer that delivers an effective resolution of 0.06 keV for accurate results across a variety of samples. A patented H-Number Plus external quench monitor (H-Number Plus) fitted into the system provides accurate disintegrations per minute (DPM) calculations and Automatic Quench Compensation. Both measurements are independent of sample volume or cocktail composition. The feature is also the basis for instrument calibration, color detection and correction, two-phase monitoring, unquenched window determination and multi-label DPM quench curves.

    Instead of lowering the compartment to the sample chamber, the LS 6500 counter raises the sample plastic racks to the sample chamber. This design prevents possible contamination of the chamber with dust or liquid residue. As for system operations, the combination of easy-to-use menus, context-sensitive help screens and 50 user programs makes the LS 6500 a one-button system.

    The System Plus and System Advantage models are equipped with powerful analysis tools. Units come with a single or dual label DPM, an exclusive H-Number Plus quench monitor as well as the Versa-Rack™ vial system which allows mixing of 20 mL and 7 mL vials. Enhancement packs and other features can be added later to address emerging laboratory needs. Instrument has capacity for 336 standard vials (20 mL), or  648 mini-vials (7 mL) or combination thereof. 

    Did you know that GMI offers complete and comprehensive maintenance and support plans on Beckman liquid scintillation counters – PMs to full support plans- for one instrument or dozens-one facility or multi-site labs.

    Rentals or Lease?  No problem. We’d love to help with your financing or rental needs.

    Thank you once again for considering purchasing this re-certified, refurbished-to-specification, Beckman LS counter  from GMI.  For over 20 years and over 100 installations  GMI removes 100% of the risk** in ‘buying used’ scintillation counter  instrumentation to discerning scientists like you.

    Your Beckman LS6500 from GMI  passes through rigorous refurbishing, recalibration, and recertification process, arriving at your laboratory in fully working order and defect free.

    All items come complete with the final QC date, engineer’s ID#, and a copy of test results / QC data, if applicable.  Additionally, all items are thoroughly cleaned and professionally packaged / crated with care to ensure they arrive safely in your lab ready for professional installation.

    **LSC counters containing sealed sources are regulated items.  Any LSC with a sealed radioactive source cannot legally be shipped from one location to another.  GMI has the required licensing for sale & transport of LS counter with sealed sources.

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