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Packard Topcount NXT HTS Model C384V00

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  • The Packard Topcount NXT HTS Model C384V00 is an advanced scintillation and luminescence counter designed for direct counting of samples contained in microplates and microsample tubes. The system is integrated with an IBM®-compatible Pentium® II computer, and controlled using a Windows NT® operating system.

    This Topcount model allows the user to count 12 96-well and 384-well radio-isotopic and luminescent samples at a time, either separately or intermixed. Samples can also be counted continuously during conversion (96-well to 384-well) without interfering crosstalk and compromising productivity. The Topcount NXT HTS Model C384V00 is equipped with an external plate stacker capable of loading more than 15,000 samples. For unlimited high throughput, the Topcount NXT HTS can be integrated with a configurable robotic system.

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