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Perkin Elmer 2450 Microbeta2

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  • Perkin Elmer MicroBeta 2 microplate scintillation counter 

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    The MicroBeta® is the latest version of the number one microplate liquid scintillation MicroBeta® (Trilux) line from PE.

    The MicroBeta adds new and improved capabilities for researchers engaged in all major radiochemical and luminescence applications. By combining LSC functionality with plate reader simplicity, it enables vast savings in time, consumables and waste for your LSC screening applications.

    MicroBeta2 is ideal for assays using 3H, 14C, 32P, 33P, 35S, 51Cr, 125I and glow-type luminescence labels as well as other scintillation proximity assays. It counts filters and tubes in addition to microtitration plates – micorplates.

    Model Number of detectors Plate capacity Plate format
    2450-0010 1 16 96/24
    2450-0020 2 16 96/24
    2450-0060 6 16 96/384

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    • 1, 2, 6 or 12 detectors  (subject to availability)
    • Counting modes include single and dual label CPM, single and dual label DPM, and luminescence counting.
    • PE has patented Time-Resolved Liquid Scintillation Counting – (TR-LSC) mode to improve counting capabilities significantly with opaque plates and low energy isotopes. TR-LSC mode can generate close to dual-PMT co-incidence counting performance by using top PMTs only.
    • Unique detector design consists of two photomultiplier tubes (PMT). One is located below the sample, the other above the sample. These count the sample simultaneously, in coincidence, which allows the best possible counting geometry, superior counting efficiency and the most efficient reduction of background.
    • PMT positioning for the measurement is automatic. Maximum height of the sample for 16- and 32-shelf MicroBeta2 is 45 mm and for the instrument having robotic loading shelf it is 20 mm.
    • A really slick cassette sample changing mechanism provides a flexible system for varying sample types. Microtiter plates, micro-centrifuge tubes, 4 mL liquid scintillation counting (LSC) vials and PE proprietary Filtermats can be loaded simultaneously into the instrument.
    • Standard bar code reader allows recognition of 100 protocols and other counting commands. An optional microplate bar code reader can read the front as well as right-hand side of a plate.

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