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Nicolet Magna 550 series II FTIR

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  • This mint and complete rapid scanning IR is very reliable & easy to use. It is totally refurbished to specifications- complete with computer and current OMNIC software. Nicolet Magna 550 series II FTIR is an instrument that is superb optically and suitable for the most critical research and analytical requirements.

    – Continuous dynamic alignment of interferometer
    – Better than 0.1 cm-1 resolution
    – Pre-aligned laser source and detectors dramatically lowers overall maintenance
    – Large sample compartment
    – 2 mirrors from beam splitter to detector: single parabolic mirror from beam splitter to sample: single ellipsoidal mirror from sample to detector
    – Rapid scanning interferometer
    – 7400-350 cm-1 with standard KBr optics (customized optics for extended range possible)
    – Source is pre-aligned and user replaceable
    – Computer controlled iris source aperture
    – Excellent Signal /Noise ratio

    Uses OMNIC control software

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