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Beckman DU 7400 Diode Array Spectrophotometer

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  • The Beckman DU7400 diode array spectrophotometer provides reliable results in a matter of seconds. In addition to quickly obtaining outputs, measuring procedures are also simplified with this instrument. Users no longer need an external computer to gather and control data with this Beckman spectrophotometer’s built-in features.

    This DU 7400 spectrophotometer boasts of a 190 nm to 800 nm range, enabling the instantaneous measurement of all wavelengths. This Beckman model is also equipped with multi-wavelength reading capability, kinetics and spectral scanning. Users can conveniently find final answers for various applications including fixed wavelength analysis, wavelength scanning, spectral manipulation, and time-based kinetic/rate determinations.

    This spectrophotometer system comes complete with a 14-inch VGA flat panel color monitor and a three-button mouse. As a result, function and parameter selection, as well as numeric and alphanumeric data input are more efficient. To enhance performance and productivity, supplementary application software is available. Software include Quantitative Total Protein Analysis, Nucleic Acid Determination, Enzyme Mechanism, Single Component Quantitative Analysis, Multicomponent Analysis by Full Spectrum Quantitation (FSQT) and Performance Validation software.

    Each unit is furnished with valuable programs including fixed wavelength, wavelength scanning, scatter correction, net A, time-based kinetic/rate determination, subtraction/addition and spectra manipulation. Additionally, a non-volatile memory is the standard storage system of DU7400 units for compiled methods and data.

    The Beckman DU7400 diode array system can be effortlessly customized to produce reliable and accurate results for various measuring requirements.

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