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Bio-Rad S1000 Thermal Cycler

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  • The Bio-Rad S1000™ thermal cyclers are designed to offer a flexible and modular high-end PCR platform.

    The S1000 thermal cycler combines powerful performance with streamlined features. The cycler can be used as a stand-alone instrument for PCR, or it can be connected to a C1000 Touch™ thermal cycler for additional throughput. Up to three S1000 cyclers can be connected to a C1000 Touch cycler, and the four cyclers can then be conveniently controlled as one high-throughput instrument.

    Features and Benefits

    • Flexible platform — choice of 4 interchangeable reaction modules; change throughput capability by linking up to 3 S1000 cyclers to a C1000 Touch cycler or adding PC control for up to 32 cyclers
    • Exceptional thermal performance — the patented* reduced-mass honeycomb sample block delivers fast ramping and settling times for reliable results and reduced run times
    • Optimal sealing — the fully adjustable heated lid accommodates a wide range of reaction vessels
    • Thermal gradient — quickly and easily identify optimal annealing temperatures by using the programmable temperature gradient

    Applications and Uses

    • Amplification/PCR
    • Cloning
    • Cycle sequencing
    • Gene expression studies
    • Mutagenesis

    The S1000 cycler can be used with four interchangeable reaction modules, including:

    • A gradient-enabled 96-well fast module
    • A gradient-enabled 96–deep well module
    • A gradient-enabled dual 48/48-well fast module that allows 2 independently controlled protocols to be run side by side in a single bay
    • A gradient-enabled 384-well module


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